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                                                             Hale to the Sea

Hale to thee those men that take to the sea                     Hale to those who have gone before me,

Fore they know that there hearts are free                         it was because of them I took to the sea.

They once were boys but now they are men                    My father was a sailor and so was his too.
Sailing on the waters that seem to have no end              Fore it was the oceans that they really knew

I once was a sailor, so young, so strong.                          I once was a sailor, so full of adventure.

I listened to my heart and knew no wrong                         Looking to the past  and seeing the future.

                                                       Hale, hale, hale to the sea

                                               Written by David and Suzanne Kwelberg

                                                                    Dec 20, 2005

                                                           DD845 Sonarman 73-74

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